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And even when the interviews with key players of that project fail to provide any goal-oriented roadmap, it is likely that the project lifespan would probably be shorter. Go to a reputable site like that and look at the profile of that coin you are interested in. The profile should be able to provide you with the history and origins of the crypto, give you a detailed analysis of the market and also talk something about the progression of the project. For instance, with the sweeping popularity of the NFT Worlds project, a couple of interviews with ArkDev had come out. So for a person who is more or less familiar with the crypto field, for them understanding the team videos would not be that difficult. After getting an idea of the recent past, go back to the initial periods when this token was actually made public for crypto users.

  • For instance, with the sweeping popularity of the NFT Worlds project, a couple of interviews with ArkDev had come out.
  • At this stage, you check the available investment options in the market.
  • Since this is a new industry, there are so many changes that are happening on a daily basis.
  • Coin Bureau – Extremely high quality and very researched content.
  • It definitely takes time for a trader to get used to the market and build knowledge about the coins, tokens and so on.
  • A similar thing occurs when you are doing crypto research.
  • Social media and news sites are great, but at some point you have to go straight to the source of the info to have a holistic view on the project’s potential.

Anyway, going back to the topic, I started investing in crypto last February 2021 and I vividly remember the overwhelming feeling that I got once I got my Binance account approved. For doing self-research, it is very necessary to know all the key features of the cryptocurrency’s blockchain. Not only that, but also the development of the coin over the years should be analysed and the future development should be predicted accordingly. Your #1 news network on the latest crypto news, Bitcoin news, blockchain news, DeFi and NFTs news. Get all your cryptocurrency and blockchain news on DYOR Moon. While looking up road maps, you might come across projects without a road map available.

Tokenomics data details how the tokens and allocations are scheduled. For smart contract tokens, the tokenomics data shows the number of tokens released at launch, whom they were allocated to , and information about vested tokens. This includes the amount vested, the reason for vesting, and release schedules.

The CoinCodex Cryptocurrency Price Tracker

Fundamental analysis helps you in finding the fair value of a cryptocurrency. It involves analyzing the company undertaking the crypto project, the founding team, whitepapers, tokenomics, future roadmap, and more. Other research tools on CoinMarketCap include the price charts — to gauge volatility, support and resistance levels used intechnical analysis — and the website and social links of individual projects. Additionally, you can find audits — if provided — along with GitHub activity, social follower counts, a list of wallets supporting the asset, and more. Social media and news sites are great, but at some point you have to go straight to the source of the info to have a holistic view on the project’s potential.

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Start by following the official channel and group of the coin you are interested in. The Crypto Lark – With a light-hearted demeanour, The Crypto Lark offers a good mix of insight and advice, helping users learn to trade cryptocurrency. Bitcoin’s value has a history of a proportional relationship with its hash rates. Generally, bitcoin’s value tends to improve when the hash rate and mining difficulty increase. This data should always be used together with other metrics such as the current state of the crypto market and some events particular to the project. Huge buys, if not manipulated, are indicative of strong conviction and high expectations.


FOMO, Mooning, FUD and Rug Pull were other popular search terms that took hold over the course of 2022. Account abstraction is the process of making it easier for users to interact with blockchain by customizing… A lower low is when the price of a cryptocurrency closes lower than the previous day, which itself closed a… DYOR Token has migrated from old contract to new contract. If the payment was well received, no problem, your account will be upgraded manually. Send us a message today to organise a free phone consultation with one of our client managers so you can find a trading strategy that suits you.

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CoinGecko provides a fundamental analysis of the crypto market. In addition to tracking price, volume and market capitalisation, CoinGecko tracks community growth, open-source code development, major events and on-chain metrics. CoinGecko makes it easy for investors to access projects’ white papers through the Whitepaper feature on the platform. To view a project’s white paper, click on Whitepaper on the asset page. Cyber world keeps facing constant online fraud schemes, and the crypto industry is no different. Different fraudsters keep bothering the investors with their fake projects.

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Before investing in any crypto project, you should do your own research. Evaluate the core members of the project’s team, their past involvements in the space, and the role they played in these. Past projects can fail for many reasons, but if a key team member has been repeatedly involved in rug pulls, this could be a sign for caution. This data can be used to ascertain the number of people being served by the project and if this adoption rate is comparable to the current valuation. A high adoption rate and a comparatively low valuation are usually a show of undervaluation, and the asset is a prospect for price growth.

Since this is a new industry, there are so many changes that are happening on a daily basis. But unlike that, another token airdropped, the Good Aringding, people who did not sell it initially now presently have almost no utility and hence no value. For example, let’s look at Airdrops and compare some of them. The Uniswap token was airdropped to certain users and we saw its receivers being owners of 10,000$ worth of Uniswap Tokens. You have to be very strategic about how you go about it, what your requirements are, what things can be disregarded, and all that.

Sentimental analysis refers to analyzing sentiments of traders regarding the overall market condition or a particular crypto asset. Market conditions are often driven by how investors feel about the direction it can take. The situation may lead to increased volatility and the high probability of you entering or exiting a market at the wrong time. While this does not affect the worth of crypto, it certainly affects its price and, as a result, your investment.

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How many people are transacting using a coin or a token and how many more users have it gained in the past week? This information can be easily obtained from the blockchain. The number of active addresses is a reliable usage statistic.

Only Invest What You Can Afford to Lose

The three usual ways of doing this are by early investors, a closed set of miners, and some early handful of private investors. This is a basic step for DYOR in crypto, and it has no alternative. You have to keep yourself updated with all the happenings in the crypto market globally. A ban on crypto in a nation or a crypto exchange scam can significantly impact the prices.

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Roadmaps usually contain projections and what the project plans to achieve at a stated time in the future. A project’s roadmap could extend deep into the future or just state plans for the near future . To complete research on the project you wish to invest in, another dyor meaning factor to consider is the project’s profile and a closer look into the project’s management. This is done by evaluating the project’s materials and personnel data. To verify a transaction, users will need to pay a fee in the native coin of the blockchain.

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With Twitter, however, you can read announcements and the latest news from projects and exchanges in real-time. Given how time sensitive crypto information is, this is often the best way to get the low down first. Roadmaps outline the desired financial and technological heights a project hopes to attain. If you’re planning to adopt a hodl approach to your crypto investment, this is essential data to consider.

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Not only the price, but the trading volume on the exchange should also be high enough. A similar thing occurs when you are doing crypto research. There are numerous videos and articles, but to successfully conduct research you need to understand the basic ins and outs of it. And you need strategic avenues to navigate through these tricky paths.

This defines how tokens are brought into circulation, and how these tokens are managed for project growth. For select tokens, CoinGecko’s tokenomics feature displays this data for each tracked asset. A project’s financial metrics include data on the traded asset, liquidity, and supply mechanisms. You can use a platform like CoinGecko to do research on a project’s financial metrics, with all the necessary information in one place. With the above differences in mind, let’s look at how to do your own research with fundamental analysis when evaluating a cryptocurrency’s investment potential. If you’re planning to try how to DYOR, I suggest that you start with any of the crypto tokens shown below.

Looking back, it’s not a very ideal situation especially if all of you are newbies. There’s a huge tendency that you’ll be influenced by incomplete information and you might make some avoidable mistakes because you FOMOed or got swayed by the decision of your friends. For instance, Bitcoin is presently inflationary because some Bitcoins are still left to be mined. But once this mining is done, there is no more Bitcoin to be mined, then eventually it will become deflationary. Otherwise, you can also look up a blockchain explorer of that cryptocurrency.

Make your unique research method, which you can quickly refer to for investing in crypto or any other assets. One of the tokens to see the biggest drop in interest over the year is THETA, the native token for Theta Network. The project can boast of companies like Google, Binance, Blockchain ventures, Gumi, Sony Europe, and Samsung among its enterprise validators.

This way, a trader would know what kind of audience the information about the coin is reaching to. Tokenomics is a term made up of two words; token and economics–meaning economic viability of a token. It contains different factors, such as the value and utility of a token, its demand and supply, the purpose of creation, incentive strategy, and more. This is very crucial to know when you are planning to invest in crypto, as its feasibility depends on how well-constructed its tokenomics is. The purpose of conducting an on-chain analysis is to know how stable the blockchain network of the crypto you invest in is in real time.

Want some highly active chat groups where people are diving deep into specific coins and niche crypto topics? The Telegram messaging platform is good when it comes to updates, community forums, trends and market sentiment analysis. Discord does something similar, and has a passionate crypto community. A big part of crypto is getting in before the herd, which is why Twitter is so useful. Often with YouTube videos, the news that comes out might lag a little behind due to the time it takes to film and edit videos.

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